Thursday, August 27, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday (vol 1)

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1. Prayer of the week:

Lord, let me know clearly
the work which You are calling me
to do in life
and grant me every grace I need
to answer Your call with
courage, love, and lasting
dedication to your will.

(found on the back of a St. Benedict Prayer Card)

2. On the Saints:
Q: Why should we ask the Saints for intercession? How can dead people pray for us?
A. What value is there in our death if we can't pray in heaven? If we are in heaven, won't we constantly be praying? If we can't then what value is there in our death? Why go to heaven if we can't pray and worship God.

3. Quote of the week:
"It is a life and death struggle - not a teaparty. If we only dabble in the divine - we make a mockery of ourselves and our God. Everything is one way or the other - nothing is by halves." -Fr. Tom Zoeller

4. Humility of humanity
Christ humbled himself to share in our humanity. So if we are to be christlike, then we must also humble ourselves to share in humanity. In communion, we do not go in order of age, importance, wealth, nor health. We are all mixed in as we wait in the line to receive communion. We eat and drink from the same cup and plate. This is the same cup that the person before us drank from: the sick, the infirm, the young, the old, the poor, the wealthy, the hero and the unknown. As we grasp that cup, we drink, we humbly share in the humanity of our church.

5. Truth
God wants what is best for you. God's best for you is not the American Dream.

6. Pay attention in Mass:
Part of the Eucharistic Prayer says, "Make us an everlasting gift to You." Can you find it this week? What does that mean to you?

7. Scripture of the Week:
"On a good day, enjoy good things, and on an evil day consider: both the one and the other God has made, so that man cannot find fault with Him in anything." Ecclesiastes 7:14

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  1. The prayer for the week is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it!