Thursday, August 27, 2009

Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

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The Lord has called us to be His people. When we accept this calling, we accept something greater than ourselves. We accept a new life, a new self and a new mind.

The gospel tells us about the things that make us unclean, icky, and defiled. These
are: evil thoughts, unchastity (improper use of sexuality), theft, murder, adultery, greed, malice, deceit, licentiousness(disregard for rules and morals), envy, blasphemy (irreverence towards things of God), arrogance, and folly.

When we lead a Christian life, we are called to belong to God, to follow Him and obey Him. We are strengthened in our call by God's grace. This grace comes to us to empower us to live as God's people, and enable us to do and be what we were created to do and be.

Catholics don't often speak of being "born again" or the re-birth that occurs when we become God's people. It is mentioned during the sacrament of Baptism, but not really outside of the sacrament. We should speak of it, we should proclaim it. God wills us to be reborn as a new creation, each day, and every time we turn away from Him, every time we sin. He beckons us to return to Him so that he could renew us.

The scriptures today encourage us to turn away from our old selves and the things that defile us from within. They encourage us to be renewed and to be called a "wise and intelligent people."

The second reading tells us that God gave birth to us by the word of His truth. The rebirth of our souls is a constant occurrence. A new baby is so beautiful, so precious, so spotless, so pure. God has the power and desire to return each one of us to this state. He tells us that we are born by the word of truth.

The word of God is Christ Jesus, sacrificed on the cross, His arms stretching out, welcoming us to His embrace. The truth of God is that He is waiting. Waiting for you, waiting for me, waiting for us to return to Him, rejecting the things that make us unclean and asking for the new life that only He can give.

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