Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

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Today is the feast day of the Most Holy Trinity. We are so fortunate to have a triuune God. God the Father has great things planed. He planed and created the world we live in, each one of us and the life that we are leading. God the Son showed us how to live with his body. Jesus worked with his hands to heal, to bring peace, to forgive, and to comfort. God the Spirit encourages us, excites us to action, makes us listen, and brings us joy, comfort and hope. The three make up the complete God which we love so dear.

Today's readings are so incredible and uplifting. The first reading tells us that we are God's own people, a holy nation, set apart and that we should follow the commandments of God. The psalm proclaims God's goodness exclaiming that the earth is full of his unfailing love. He created the heavens and the earth. He watches over us, keeps us from death and and keeps us alive during hard times. The Psalm proclaims the need for the Lord's saving power. He is our help and our hope is in the Lord. The second reading reminds us that we are God's children. We are beloved by God. His guidance in the form of the greatest commandment, love God and neighbor, was written on our hearts. Therefore we are entrusted to love.

The gospel is so beautiful, it exclaims the beauty of our commission. Even though the apostles doubted, and even though we doubt God, God still trusts in us. He has given us a great commission. He will not leave us. Even though we may leave him, ignore him, turn away from him. He always walks before us, leading us to His will. His will is that we would share the love given to us with all of the earth.

We should not be afraid, our God is our dear father. God has prepared a place for us, a special place in heaven, but also a special work on earth. His spirit gives us protection, love, and encouragement for the journey. In the end we inherit the kingdom, but in the now, we are led by the Spirit as Christ was led. Jesus was not alone in his time on earth, and we are not alone. Just as the Father led his son to show his love for us by suffering on the cross, God leads us to our own expression and love and subsequent suffering. The love and suffering leads to sanctification, and to the glory of God.

As God's children, I encourage you to not doubt what God has done. Keep his commandments and trust him. He is taking care of you. He asks you to love Him and love others. He is your father. The first reading asks, “Did anything so great ever happen before?” No, it never has, and we are truly blessed.

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